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A company’s business and strategic decisions are defined by both the quality of content found within a Powerpoint presentation as well as in its visual impact.
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Styles of powerpoint presentation


STATIC Powerpoint presentations

Ideal for your sales or corporate presentations whose content is regularly updated by different people.

Avantages :

  • More economical
  • Easy to edit
  • Can be converted to PDF

ANIMATED Powerpoint presentations

Ideal for event presentations (trade shows, conferences, etc.), when the WOW effect is most needed! Animation is preferable with presentations whose content is unlikely to change with time.

Avantages :

  • Impactful: captivates attention
  • Memorable: creates lasting impressions
  • Unique: if there’s only one to see it’s you!

Our creative services for your Powerpoint presentation


Create, embellish, and define your next STATIC Powerpoint presentation

We gather your Powerpoint presentation content and make graphic improvements and new layouts in order for your presentation to be visually stimulating and to convey the most powerful creative and professional image. We either rely on your own graphic charter, or we work with you to create a unique artistic direction specific to your project.

Creating ANIMATED Powerpoint presentations

We create your Powerpoint presentation by inserting graphic transitions between each slide and bringing your content to life through animation.
Key messages come alive and your speech is supported with stunning graphics, as you lead your audience through a clear and convincing presentation.


Creating MASTER SLIDES templates for Powerpoint presentations

We produce standardised slides, also called master slides (cover page, chapter page, etc.). Made to fit your company’s graphic charter, these templates will be essential for you to easily create and adapt all types of content. They also guarantee the graphic cohesion of all the presentations made within your company.

Infographics Design

We know that a visual experience is more likely to communicate a message effectively than a long paragraph of text. We zero in on what’s most effective, by offering infographic design services to simplify the content of your presentation and visually transform it to make it more engaging and crystal clear for your audience.


Our powerpoint presentation design methodology


Based on your content, we’ll exchange in order to understand your brand’s unique personality, its audience and the message you want to convey.


We’ll shape the artistic direction, the key visual elements (templates, recurring shapes, etc.), and the animation in accordance with your graphic charter.


According to your predefined schedule, we’ll deliver the presentation in a step-by-step, 100% modifiable, .ppt or .pptx formatted version.

Our Powerpoint Presentations BEST SELLERS


Corporate Presentations

Designed to introduce your products and services to business and sales partners as well as to your customers. It’s an ideal way to share a clear vision, your company values and to showcase your team and your credentials to the world.


Pitch Deck Presentations

Pitching your business can be extremely time consuming when you have to gather pricing, sales and marketing information. Outsourcing your Powerpoint presentation design to a professional agency is the most stress-free way to meet your deadlines while delivering a beautifully coherent, consistent and impactful presentation to increase your chances of winning the pitch!


Staff Training Presentations

For larger companies with a need to develop and train their staff to grow their understanding of processes, goals, and corporate values. We’ll design your Powerpoint presentation with a focus on diagrams and workflow charts to boost understanding, enthusiasm, and help energize the teams!


Powerpoint Presentation Reporting

Turn numbers and performance results into a more visual experience that will allow your audience to absorb quantitative information but also to put them in perspective with our visualisation strategies through techniques such as infographics. Numbers can tell a story, we can help you bring it to life.


Powerpoint Presentation Conferences & Exhibitions

For eloquent presentation à la Keynote, in front of an audience that generally favours dynamic and innovative presentations with some sprinkle of humour and spirit. We will also take care of animations and focus to develop a creative concept that will make a memorable, social and shareable presentation.


Powerpoint Presentation Academia

For researchers, teachers or students who need to present their studies and findings to an audience that require a specific care : readability of precise, technical and schematic content. We will develop an approach to turn your heavy documents into dynamique presentations, as we keep in mind to respect the accuracy of the information.


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