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V33 Presentation
By Pokeslide

Design of a consumer study report for the company V33, specialists in paint and decoration B to C
The mission was to produce an image presentation introducing the results of a consumer study affirming the positioning of V33 as a creator of color and decorative experiences.

An infographic presentation

The difficulty with this mission was to compose with a large volume of text and image content imposed by our client. The challenge was to give a print and infographic look and feel to the presentation so as to lose the markers of traditional PowerPoint.

V33 réalisation powerpoint
V33 réalisation powerpoint

Bring textual arguments to life

To give life to the many texts of the PowerPoint presentation, we have built an artistic direction based on speaking. We materialized this through work on the iconography of the comic bubble that we find throughout the presentation, in different colors and different shapes.

Image consumer reports and studies

Worked well, the PowerPoint format is suitable for staging, in a digestible and educational way, complex documents such as consumer studies and project monitoring. Its strength also lies in the possibility that it offers to all employees to be able to edit its content without having to go through a graphic designer.

V33 réalisation powerpoint 3

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