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5 tips to create an efficient Powerpoint credentials presentation

As a business owner, sales representative or in any scenario where you need to introduce your company to an audience, showing a credentials presentation is usually the first step to kick-start the business relationship properly. However, because the underlying goal is often to sell products or services, Powerpoint credentials presentations can often be neglected, outdated or incomplete. In order for you to address this opportunity, here are 5 tips for your to rethink your credentials presentation to pitch your business to whoever you need.

What makes a good credentials presentation

1. Communicate on the vision and values of your business

pokeslide-presentation-institutionnelle-1 Do not reduce your business to the products or services you sell to your customers. The goal of business is of course to generate revenues, but this is not what will captivate your audience. No, your company has been created with a purpose, a vision that drives the fulfilment of your missions, in line with a set of values that go beyond the business world. It is therefore crucial to introduce this background to your audience and start telling the, the story of your enterprise. As a result, your products and services will make sense and resonate in the hearts of your potential customers. Working on the ‘Why’ is the first step you should follow when drafting your credentials presentation.

2. Adapt the content of your credentials presentation to your present audience

pokeslide-presentation-institutionnelle-2 Earlier in your credentials presentation, make sure you have identified and profiled the audience you will meet that day in order to refine your presentation. Is he or she receptive to visual content? Does he or she need to see data, numbers and hard content? This preparatory work will help you shape your presentation accordingly. Naturally, time is the most precious resource for everybody. Therefore, we encourage you to cut the clutter and reduce the size of your presentation. Anything optional should be remove to go straight to the point and avoid sidetrack discussions. It will also show your audience that you are focused, understand their needs and ready to operate.

3. Avoid history classes when talking about your business

pokeslide-presentation-institutionnelle-3 Here is a common mistake that seem obvious but where 50% of credential presentations fail. Unfortunately, this mistake always happens at the start of your presentation and can ruin the rest of your slides. If you wish to tell people about the history of your company, you should only pick and reveal its major milestones: date of creation, best-seller product or service, awards received, etc. And don’t forget, always create a connection with the ‘Why’ of your company.

4. Call out your audience during the meeting

pokeslide-presentation-institutionnelle-4 Pitching with a credentials presentation doesn’t mean you shouldn’t interact with your audience. You need to win the room and bring life to that meeting. Pause and ask questions such as: “How many of you know that….”, “Anyone who ever faced this issue raise their hands…”, etc. Turn your monologue into an exchange and just try to have a good time. Focus on the human interactions and you will see immediate improvements in your work. Also, don’t forget to end your presentation with a slide dedicated to questions or feedback. To avoid the embarrassing “Any questions?” or “No questions?”, let your audience know that a few minutes have been planned to address questions. This will help them prepare as you go through your presentation.

5. Create impactful slides

pokeslide-presentation-institutionnelle-5 A credentials presentation do not have to be a deluge of information and written content. In other words, focus on visual and immersive presentation with less text. Two reasons:
  • By writing what you want to say, you move your audience’s attention on the screen as opposed to looking at you.
  • The truth is, no one will really read and absorb the content of your presentation, even if you send it via email. The live meeting is the moment where you need to make a impression of yourself with nicely designed slides to support you in that enterprise.
Creating beautiful designed presentations is a time-killer. If you need some help to design your credentials presentations, request a quote with Pokeslide the powerpoint design agency.