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Apply these 6 key storytelling techniques in your Powerpoint presentations

How does storytelling apply to powerpoint presentations?

Stories are visual, easily memorable and allow the presenter or broadcaster to create stronger emotional bonds with their audience. Traditionally rooted in culture and education, storytelling has boomed in the marketing field in the last two decades as Powerpoint presentations enabled marketers to conceptualise brand and project narratives. Here are 6 key storytelling techniques that you can leverage today to bring life to your Powerpoint presentations and take them to the next level.  

How to use storytelling techniques in your Powerpoint presentations?


1. Find a defining cause

techniques storytelling présentations powerpoint The power of stories lays in the fact that they are able to bring people from different background together using communal causes deeply rooted in childhood and acting as social cement. From a presentation perspective, they starting point is to find the key challenge, the vision that bring your audience in the room today. In other words, start by asking yourself, why are you doing this presentation? Think big.  

2. Describe the enemy or the villain

techniques storytelling présentations powerpoint Solving the big issue or saving the cause is not easy, and it shouldn’t. The greater the challenges, the greater the reward. No pain, no gain. However, it is your role to break down the constraints, the enemy or the villain of your story. Whether you are speaking about your competition, changes of legislations or unforeseen issues in the supply chain, speak with your heart as you go through the strengths and weaknesses or your enemy.  

3. Introduce a hero

techniques storytelling présentations powerpoint In the darkest times, in the darkest days, a hero will rise. This storytelling element can be found in the most ancient cultural references: warriors, prophets, kings, saints, football players, entrepreneurs, you name it. Similarly, your presentation needs to introduce that entity, solution that will take responsibility and face the enemy for the cause. In the professional arena, the hero can be technology, a big idea, a new team member, an insights, a report, etc. It doesn’t matter how big it is, the important is to show braveness, courage and leadership.  

4. Articulate an inner discourse

techniques storytelling présentations powerpoint Heroes are imperfect and humans. They have their own history paved with doubts, secrets and fears. How they overcome these is what make them vulnerable, therefore likeable. Like them, your presentation need to face the facts and give a point of view that will create trust. Ultimately, you are valued for your brain, your ability to give an honest opinion. Leveraging this storytelling element will allow you to prepare to questions and defend your ground during and after the presentation.  

5. Bring the element of surprise

techniques storytelling présentations powerpoint A good story bring back their audience to a familiar state where we suddenly all become kids as the unexpected happens. The impossible, the resurrections, the last minute goals, etc. Whilst you should not overuse this element, you should be able at some point of the presentation to “disappear” and let the story flow as you take a seat back with your audience.  

6. Don’t forget your supporting cast

techniques storytelling présentations powerpoint

Batman and Robin, Arthur and the round table Knights, Barack and Michelle, Jesus and the apostoles: no hero can achieve big thing alone. The good guys finish last unless they have a kickback, a secret weapon or outside help. In this section, surface and value those who will contribute to the cause and play a crucial role, small or big. In the context of your presentation, the supporting cast will naturally be your team, your bosses, your plan, the marketing channels, your business partners.


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