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How to choose the right Powerpoint graphic designer?

When hiring a Powerpoint graphic designer in order to take your presentations to the next level, it is important to understand the 5 following points. You can also stop to read immediately and contact us if you need to find a strong powerpoint design partner !

The questions you need to ask when hiring a Powerpoint graphic designer


1. How good is his or her portfolio?

pokeslide graphiste powerpoint portfolio

A portfolio is the reflection of artistic direction of a graphic designer. Before choosing the right Powerpoint graphic designer, you need to consult his previous work in order to understand better his or her skills, talent and style. However, keep an open mind and look beyond your own industry or sector. Only luxury brands projects require the proper experience and for you to be extra demanding when it comes to portfolio capabilities.


2. Does he or she work well on Powerpoint?

pokeslide graphiste powerpoint travail

Yes, most of the graphic designers don’t really work with Powerpoint which is not a tool that is originally made for designers who rather use Photoshop)or similar softwares that offers much larger and powerful design opportunities. Make sure your designer produces editable slides as opposed to images slides that are copy paste from Photoshop.

A good Powerpoint design must be conceived with the right graphic elements that are provided by Powerpoint. This will enable you to edit different items of your presentation in case of last minute changes.


3. Is he or she available and reactive?

pokeslide graphiste powerpoint disponible

One could think that designing a Powerpoint presentation doesn’t require to read or understand the content. Wrong! A good Powerpoint graphic designer is someone that understands the topic, the tonality, the message and the presentation strategy. An outstanding Powerpoint graphic designer will also provide proactive recommendations on how to improve the presentation, for instance whenever the message is not clear enough or the information is incomplete.


5. What about confidentiality of information?

pokeslide graphiste powerpoint confidentiel

Powerpoint presentation are often used for internal strategy documents such as projects ideas, financial results, reporting or sales pitches. These documents must remain confidential and this is why it is crucial to work with people you can trust. At Pokeslide, trust and confidentiality of information is paramount for us and we sign NDA (non-disclosure agreements) with all our clients and projects, no matter their size.


The advice and tips shared in this article are non-exhaustive. There are obviously more things you need to look at when hiring a Powerpoint graphic designer. If you require professional Powerpoint design consulting or services, please get in touch and we will get back to you as soon as possible.