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Ubisoft Presentation By Pokeslide

Helping Ubisoft with the creation of the 2019 kick-off Ubisoft meeting for the Rainbow 6 Siege game.
Realisation presentation Ubisoft Rainbow 6 siege
In order to meet Ubisoft’s graphic ambitions specific to their games, we pushed the boundaries of keynote by creating a presentation combining native animations and parallax 3D creations.

Enhanced support

The Ubisoft annual kick-off is a ceremony that gathers together a thousand collaborators. A speaker’s performance isn’t something you can improvise. That’s why we accompanied Ubisoft during the two rehearsals in order to perfect the slides and animations that accompanied everyone’s speeches, with sound and video controls.
Realisation presentation Ubisoft kickoff 2019
Realisation presentation Ubisoft 3 screens

3 presentations on simultaneous screens

The conference took place at La Seine Musicale in Paris; it included projections on one principal screen and two secondary screens. To utilize the full potential of this setup, Ubisoft asked us to create and synchronize three different keynote presentations controllable via the same remote control.


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