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IMA Technologies Presentation
By Pokeslide

Creation of an animated presentation for the 2019 Annual Meeting.
Imatech-réalisation powerpoint laptop
Intervention for the customer relationship specialist, with high added value, as part of the company’s annual meeting in front of 450 employees.

Deployment of an “aerial” concept

In tandem with IMA Technologies, a 100% subsidiary of the Inter Mutuelles Assistance Group (IMA), we have developed an artistic direction setting up a boarding/plane/cabin/flight plan atmosphere, symbolizing the new flight of the company and its new direction.

IMATECH powerpoint presentation

Creation of a graphic universe

In order to give a strong identity to the concept, we have created a set of charted graphic elements inspired by the world of air transport.

  • An “Imatech Airlines” logo
  • A boarding pass, distributed to all employees
  • A paper airplane model
  • A set of fonts and iconography

The addition of background videos and animations

The storytelling of the presentation was done through the use of background videos on the intermediate slides, which allowed us to give the audience the impression of boarding as they go, from arrival at the airport until the plane takes off. A complete presentation, with a strong concept and advanced technical support!

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